Why Should I Import “Made in Turkey” Products?

Why Should I Import “Made in Turkey” Products?

2020-02-24 12:40:34

Have you ever thought about the importance of choosing a location for importing activities? If you are a professional, yes you did. In today's world with challenges 2020 where global integration has reached very high levels, buying online in foreign trade has become extremely important for the development of a country. Although Turkey has exported many goods and services to the world's countries from every continent, it focused on overall exports of “Made in Turkey” products to the developed countries. While trade with neighboring countries was very low in the past, it has entered a high rate of increase, especially in the last period. “Made in Turkey” products became popular in the other countries since high-quality is proofed and this is what makes importing from Turkey a great investment to make.

Advantages of Importing Products Made Abroad

We believe that buying online from another country is not easy to be sure about the quality just like importing Turkish products. Natural conditions define the quality of the product and Turkey is having great opportunities to do so. And transportation costs being fast and cheap is what makes the products easy to reach especially for the ones thinking of importing from Turkey. To save money and time, you can choose to cooperate with organizations in different regions to check the quality of goods. You can follow this tip to be in good hands and get consultancy from the experts who can check before shipping.

Why Choose Turkey for Importing?

Theoretically speaking, nowadays the world needs products with quality. Not everybody can do shopping with relief since the market is full of unqualified products. For years, Turkey has been a great stop allowing high-quality products. Considering the statistics, the 1980-2009 period for 68 countries, a gravity model based on panel data is used to trade data among themselves established and Turkey's potential export levels with 67 countries made of more than 90 percent of total exports were calculated. In the gravity model, which is widely used to examine the structure of international trade, the trade between the two countries is tried to be explained with variables such as the economic size of the countries, the distance between them and changes in the exchange rates.

The Unknowns for Importing Turkish Products!

Continuing with the statistics, we come across that trade between the two countries increases in proportion to the country's GDP and decreases in proportion to the distance between the two countries. While the existence of features such as common language, neighborhood, being part of the same state in the past and using the same currency increased the trade between the two countries, the effect of some variables such as the real exchange rate varies according to the development level of the countries. form the basis of export strategy, Turkey's 2015 total world merchandise exports level by 1 percent share of the trade of 170 billion dollars, the export level for a share of 1,6 percent in 2023 to $ 500 billion to remove the target, but it will be possible with the use of the potential in foreign trade.

Benefits of Having an Amazing Geographic Location

When it comes to buying online a huge quantity of the products, Turkey comes first, especially in the agricultural field. Not only in agriculture but also textile, food, metals, minerals, machinery, auto parts and stones, Turkey plays an important role in trading economies all around the world and this is what makes the country have a developed transportation network by air, water, and land. Specifically, Turkey’s geographic location and advantages of it should be taken into consideration as well when thinking of importing from Turkey and importing Turkish products specifically.