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Dawerly started because the world is calling DAWERLY!

Being rooted in the Turkish word ‘Devir’ and meeting halfway with English to change the sound v to a soft w, Dawerly means ‘Cycle, Circulation, Revolution’. You will no longer be wasting your time in order to find reliable sources to grow your business; and this is a fact! Launched in 2020, Dawerly is a b2b marketplace platform to link manufacturers, suppliers & wholesalers in Turkey to retailers and customers over the world.


If it has to do with importing/exporting we’ve got the experience,
the connections & the reliability your business needs to grow fast!

We aim at being your guide to the ever-growing turkish market.

We offer you the opportunity to grow your market in an easy way. As a supplier we are connecting you to a valuable audience worldwide, and as a buyer we are ensuring that you are dealing with trustful sources and finding relevant products quickly.


You can be anywhere in the world and enjoy our values!


We are Turkish products focused

Global Markets

Our presence is marked all over the world

Various Industries

All products are defined in tens of categories, and can be easily found by filtering depending on each industry and product specification

Affordable packages

Professional & effective digital marketing to increase your visibility

Multi-Language Content prepared with multi-language support is used for all entries & search activities

API Connectivity Easy connect with factory systems to display products automatically


One-stop-platform of everything related to the export cycle from Turkey

Data Reliability

Accurate, verified and regularly updated data




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